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Get Listed On UruTunes

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If you'd like to have your stream listed here on UruTunes' home page, just register in this forum and send me (Xander :ugeek:) a private message with your details. Don't include any passwords or private information.

Keep in mind that UruTunes is a listing of streams and not a streaming provider. To get your own server, check this forum for tutorials and more information, and/or post here to get help.

First, choose your ID and perhaps other stuff for your listing. Only the ID is required.
  • Your ID (required). This must be one short word and will be your URL here on UruTunes.
  • Stream Name (optional). If different than your ID, this shows on your button.
  • Description (optional). A brief description of your server.
For your button to work, we need the following server details.
  • For servers, I need your:
    • page URL
    • port number
  • For other providers, I need the full URL link to your server - that will include:
    • IP/hostname
    • port number
    • mount
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