Hello, hello

Say "hi" and tell us about yourself.
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Hello, hello

Post by Superabbit »

I see that I'm the first to introduce myself in a couple of years, but here goes.

I started visiting Uru Live back in July or so.

Played Myst when it first came out, just now getting back into adventure/explorer games.

I'm a musician/composer and I'd like to connect with fan age writers to possibly contribute music cues. I do ambient/experimental/edm/drone.
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Re: Hello, hello

Post by Ezriilc »

Hello and shorah!

Welcome to UruTunes! It's always great to meet a new Uru player, and I look forward to hearing all about you.
Please let me know if you would like your own DJ forum to interact with listeners. We also have a lot of knowledge and resources to help you create your own stream if you wish to. It may be easier than you think, and costs nothing.

I'm hoping that my partner admin Maude will jump in here to greet you. They're the ultimate EDM expert in my life.

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Re: Hello, hello

Post by Maude »

Hi Superabbit,

Please to meet you!

As mentioned by my good friend and fellow admin I'm Maude, I'm the EDM buff on this site.

I sometimes stream and most of the time its EDM, like Avicii, Alan Walker(who I'm going to see on Wednesday, so excited), Don Diablo Etc..

Would love to have a convo.

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