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I figured I should go ahead and say hello in here, so... Shorah, everyone!

I'm Ezriilc|Swifthawk, and I created UruTunes(.com) back in 2007 (the GameTap days). You may know me by Ezriilc or Swifthawk, and I have a couple of other avatars in-game that I don't often use.

Early on playing Uru, I learned of players who were streaming music that we all could listen to while playing together. So, I compiled a list of streams and thought it would be cool to share them on a website. I used the project as motivation to learn web coding and publishing. Over the years, it's undergone many changes, and I've built many other sites, but I always come back to UruTunes.com.

I am consistently inspired by the enthusiasm and fellowship demonstrated by this community. It keeps me young (at heart) and motivated to do better.

Please feel free to contact me in-game or anywhere, about anything. I love meeting new friends.

Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you're here. :ugeek:
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