Novembre 20 12 KI theme copying behavior classical music

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Novembre 20 12 KI theme copying behavior classical music

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Those looking for plagiarism can spend a lifetime getting lost in a jungle of notes. The examples are endless. Everyone did it, even the father of classical music, J.S.Bach
He had a fondness for Vivaldi, whose violin concertos were translated to his own instruments.
The Italian violin virtuoso's style would later be an important influence in composing his own violin concertos. Bach integrated Vivaldi's approach into his own music and thus came up with something new
J.S. Bach was an admirer of Vivaldi's music, and he borrowed or arranged several pieces from him. Here are some examples:

1. Bach wrote an organ arrangement of Vivaldi's Concerto in A minor, RV 522.
2.This became the Concerto in A minor, BWV 593, for organ solo¹.

Thus Schubert copied his rondo from sonata D664 as far as structure is concerned, measure for measure from Beethoven's'sonata opus 31 nr.1.
Schubert provides a beautiful melody of his own but if Beethoven's sonata falters, so does Schubert's rondo etc....
Schubert didn't bother with that either. He believed he could still learn a lot from the great master in this area.

03. Schubert - Javier Perianes - Piano sonata in A major D644 Rondo Allegro
04. Beethoven,Helene Grimaud - Sonata 31-1 in A Flat Opus 110

What we would call plagiarism used to be seen more as homage to the original composer.
The origin of the theme song Finlandia Hymn comes not, as we think, from Sibelius but from a song by Schuman:

05. Finlandia Hymn Sibelius - Club photo Five
06. Anna Moffo (soprano), MOORE Gerald (piano) - SCHUMANN - Widmung Op.25-1
07. Arthur Fiedler: Boston Pops Orchestra - Sibelius: Finlandia Op.26 No.

And sometimes it was also the other way around, then a piece for one instrument was rigged for a larger instrumentation, such as the first prelude on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, from which Gounod made an Ave Maria....

08. J.S. Bach - [Well Tempered Clavier Book I]
09. Gounod - Ave maria - Renee Fleming, R.P.O. A.Delfs

A composer who uses melodies for multiple compositions. This is also called the use of a theme or leitmotif. There are many composers who have done this


10.Song "Sehnsucht nach dem Frueling "KV 596.
Its melody is the basis for the third movement of his last concerto.
11. Clifford Curzon - Mozart - Piano Concerto No 27 in B flat KV 595 -III- Allegro

Mozart's 37th Symphony in reality by Michael Haydn
For his famous Requiem, Mozart drew inspiration from the death mass by Michael Haydn, the younger brother of Joseph
Music by this younger Haydn did often resound in Mozart's mind. His 37th Symphony turned out to be - it was discovered in 1907 - almost a copy of Michael Haydn's 25th Symphony, with a new slow movement and some changes in instrumentation. Musicologists drew drastic conclusions: the work was awarded to Haydn, leaving Mozart without a 37th Symphony.

12. Michael Haydn - Symphony No. 25, P.16, MH334 (1783) in G Major I. Allegro con spirito

"Little artists borrow, great artists steal," said composer Igor Stravinsky. Today we see plagiarism as a mortal sin,
but in earlier times it was usually a way of paying tribute to another composer.

13. Thomas Zehetmair - Sonata #1 in G Min BWV 1001 / Fugue (Allegro)
14. J.S. Bach - Prelude & Fugue in Dm,BWV 539-.

The influence from his teacher's works of the same name is audible. And this happened quite often. Often the name of the original composer was also mentioned. Liszt translated numerous works to the piano, such as the Campanella from Paganini's Second Violin Concerto.

15. Massimo Quarta, Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova - Concerto No.2 in B minor 'La Campanella', III. Rondo:Andantino-Allegretto mod...

16. Encore #1. Liszt "La Campanella" - Valentina Lisitsa
Bach's arrangement of the Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, who died young, smacks even more of plagiarism. He replaced the Latin text with the German translation of Psalm 51, resulting in the title Tilge, Höchster, meine Sünden, although he could not refrain from adding his own insights to the melody line here an there.

17. Teresa Stich-Randall , Elisabeth Hongen, Anton Heiller , Vienna State Opera Orchestra & Mario Rossi - Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Stabat mater, P.77: XII. Quando Corpus morietur; Amen
18. Teresa Stich-Randall , Elisabeth Hongen, Anton Heiller , Vienna State Opera Orchestra & Mario Rossi - Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Stabat mater, P.77: I. Stabat mater dolorosa

19. Bach - BWV1083-01 Psalm 51 - Versus 1 / Tilge, Höchster, meine Sünde-
20. Bach - BWV1083-14 Psalm 51 / Amen

The heart of the psalm is a believer pleading with God: '
Wash me clean from all guilt, cleanse me from my sins.' So the plagiarism is forgiven Bach in advance.
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