March 6, '23 classical music by women composers

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March 6, '23 classical music by women composers

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Program March 6, '23 classical music by women composers

From Hildegard in the 12th century to the present day, women have made significant contributions to classical music that have often been overlooked....
You can now listen to music written in the Middle Ages lasting from year 500 to 1400

1.Hildegard Von Bingen, (1098~1179) Mirabilis Deus
2.Hildegarda Von Bingen, (1098~1179) Ordo Virtutum I

You can now listen to music written in the Renaissance the year 1400-1600
What is new in music is the so-called polyphony
or polyphony in singing.

3.Cappella Mediterranea Il Primo Libro De Madrigali, Op.1 Priego Ad Amore (Barbara Strozzi, 1644)(1619~1677)
4.Barbara Strozzi (1619~1677)Che Si Pu? Fare.

This Baroque style of music, which we let run from about 1600 to 1760, is a period in which church organ, violin, trumpet and cello are often played.

5.Anna Bon (1738 - after 1769) Flute sonata op.1
6.Isabella Leonarda (1620~1704) Sonata Settima Sonata Ottava (Capella Strumentale Del Duom

1750-1810 Classicism
The term classical music is also given to this period.

7.Louise Farrenc (1804~1875 Trente Etudes Dans Tous Les Tons, Op. 26 No. 10

1750-1850 Viennese Classical
In the Viennese-classical (music) period from 1750 to 1850, a very famous instrument emerged, the piano.

8.Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (1805~1847) Serenata G Moll
9.Fanny Cicilie Mendelssohn (1805~1847) Song Op. 6, No.4, Il Saltarello Romano, Allegreo Molto

1815-1910 Romanticism
While the piano was still the best-known instrument, the saxophone also quickly emerged. The music in this era became increasingly difficult and complicated.

10.Clara Schumann (1819~1896) Three Romances

11.Cecile Chaminade (1857~1944) Air De Ballet, Op 30 Allegro
12.Cecile Chaminade (1857~1944) Performed By James Galway Concertino (Op.107)

13* .Ethel Smith 1858~1944 Minnesota philip Brunelle_The March Of The Women (Last Two Verses)

14.Amy Beach.(1876-1944) Dreaming For Cello And Piano, Op.15. Judith Herbert (Cello), Diana Ambache (Piano)
15.Amy Beach, .(1876-1944) Curtis Macomber, Diane Walsh Amy Beach Romance For Violin And Piano Op. 23

16.Lili Boulanger(1893-1918) D'un Vieux Jardin (Monica Pons)

The classical music of the 20th century, European classical music after 1900,
has numerous compositional styles.

17.(Margaret Bonds) (1913~1972)He S Got The Whole World In His Hands Florence Quivarlarry Woodard

18.Cacilda Borges Barbosa(1914 ~2010) Estudos-Brasileiros Para piano no 3 de

19.Ruth Gipps ( 1921-1999) David Pyatt (Horn)
Horn Concerto 1. Con Moto Tranquillo Cadenza

20. Dorothy Moore(born 1946) Misty Blue (Dorothy Moore)

21.Rachel Portman(born 1960) Where Angels Fear To Tread, (1991) I Love Him Too

22.Debbie Wiseman(born 1963) Original Soundtrack Tom & Viv The Harvard Letter

23.Phamie Gow(born 1980) War Song

24.Helen Jane Long(born 1974) Intervention (2012) Goodnight

25.Alma Deutscher (born 2005) Up In The Sky

26. Ethel Smith 1858~1944 Minnesota philip Brunelle_
The March Of The Women (Last Two Verses)

March 6 ’23 Classical music with Babbel, Woman composers past and present ask Babbel
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