MOULa's 12th Anniversary

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MOULa's 12th Anniversary

Post by Ezriilc »

It's been a very long and bumpy road for Uru, and I'm glad that we're still here.

The Guild of Messengers has an event in their calendar for this.

I'm gonna try to be in the Cavern for this! It's always great.

EDIT: If any of our streamers are planning to do something on the day, it would be great to hear from them.
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Re: MOULa's 12th Anniversary

Post by darimpa »

After Ezriilc request, here I am :)

I'm the one hosting the "Brazilian Music Show in Kadish" for the Anniversary event.

Where? I've heard it'll be in Kadish
When? Friday, Feb 11, 14:15 KI (meaning "15 minutes after NULP Dance")
Why? Well, just to have fun 8-)

Hope to meet you there!

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